Wednesday, November 12, 2003

There is a storm brewing on the horizon. I have a shiny new G5 and some new ideas. Stay tuned.

Friday, July 11, 2003

Well, that was unexpected...
It's been hard to admit, but I just don't think the comic is funny. The fact that I was working within the limitations of MS Paint and Mac News made the project more challenging, but the results are not gratifying for me personally. Much of the public doesn't get the joke that this is MS Paint, and they just think the art is bad, and that was the smallest of my problems. From the beginning, my half-hearted approach to the site probably doomed it, and I am abandoning this concept altogether. I apologize to the few dozen fans that enjoyed the short-lived site (and your emails and comments still inflate my ego), but take comfort in the fact that something much funnier, better drawn, and more fun to read is on the way. (This, of course, depends on the comic/artistic genius of my ex-soulmate, Dane. Come home, Dane.)
Again, I apologize to the few of you that will be disappointed, but it feels like I've been trying to start a lawnmower for a month, pulling and pulling the string, only to realize there was never any gas.
I look forward to the next project, and check back every so often, as I will still post, and will point the few faithful to something with much more wit, art, and (hopefully) mass appeal. Plus, Jocko is gold. Jocko is a rock. Jocko the sock will rise again.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Cleaning up a bit
As is now obvious, I've done a slight redesign of the site. I am working on a total overhaul on an external site, but that could take some time.
I've just one link for you all today. If you can't find at least one article on How Stuff Works to fascinate you, you don't get to be my friend anymore. It's a website dedicated to the people that remember and love that segment on Sesame Street showing the creation of an orange crayon. Remember that? That was awesome.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Don't believe everything that you breathe
For your consideration, Academy, is the new strip. Simply put, rumor sites are wonderful in small doses, but I have become quite an addict. Is it really so big a deal that Apple is considering wireless devices in their next generation of hardware, that I must follow other people's paper trails to find out? When some Photoshop jockey decides to turn two pictures of existing PC cases into the rumored next-gen hardware, why do I salivate? Apple is right to try to pop that bubble, and punish rumor sites; if not for business reasons, then to try to bring their fans down somewhere closer to what the rest of you call the "Human World."

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

100% of your RDA of Links
Just thought I'd show off a little. Here's some extra-curricular Microsoft Paint art. My wife has the same passion, but her art is much, much cuter. There are more things to peruse, such as my t-shirt idea, a sweet bumper sticker, etc.
Also, if you have a semi-morbid sense of humor, there are many comics to read (which I think time will reveal as a huge joke) that are funny only if you do not believe a single, magical prayer will snatch little Timmy from the gaping jaws of Satan and his minions. I have to think that the people that pass out Chick Publications pamphlets give a little chuckle as the paper the world with their tracts, knowing that they are making this Earth just a little dumber with each one. I'm not one to trample on others' beliefs, but Chick publications seems like some kind of gathering place of the stupid. You may not understand exactly just now, but read 2 or 3 articles or comics, and I guarantee you will gape in disbelief.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Pastor of Muppets
(Hint: "opinionated morons" is the strip)
Metallica's in internet news again, this time in opposition to our very own Apple. Here's my take on the situation: Who cares? I feel like lots of opinionated morons will have a big problem with this, and that's okay. I don't have to go to their websites. I am irked by the fact that these artists are denying fans their content under the pretense that they don't want their "artistic vision" shattered by releasing individual tracks of their album for 99 cents. If that were remotely true, you wouldn't be able to go to Media Play and buy their latest single or turn on the radio and hear individual tracks.
The truth is likely that this band, and a few others, have become so big they are basically a record company, making decisions not based on art or anything like it. A record company does not care about art, it is a business of making money. Right now, to some companies and artists, 99-cents-a-track sounds worse than Get-11-albums-for-$1-then-pay-with-your-soul. Bands like Metallica, Creed (Creed = textbook example, you will be tested on this), and soon, Nickelback become so entrenched in the business side that they eventually alienate their fans. The inevitable backlash occurs, catches on with the public, and they are forgotten. Then they release a greatest hits, collect royalties, and wait for their Kiss-style reunion tour.
The whole thing is ephemeral, and if someone has something to say in the backlash, it better be as freakin' cool as CreedSucks.

Thursday, July 03, 2003

New items to peruse:
There's a new toolbar to the right that allows you to browse immediately to any comic. Highly efficient, if I may say so myself.
Plus, just in case you can't spend all day browsing my archives (see, these things take time), there's a new links page, containing several sites that you could browse for weeks. I highly recommend Seanbaby's Hostess Fruit Pies section and the entire Penny Arcade website. If anyone has some interesting links of their own, send 'em over and I'd love to check them out.
I've been doing this website for two weeks now and I'm still excited.